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South Africa
March 17, 2008 12:50pm CST
Feel free to ask me anything that you are curious about or have always wanted to know about South Africa.
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@barehugs (8985)
• Canada
17 Mar 08
There have been racial tensions in South Africa of late. The white farmers who were feeding the people were murdered and their farms given to Blacks who knew nothing about farming. This would have resulted in more poverty and less food for the people and it was thought the Government was encouraging the murders of the farmers and the theft of their land.Please explain this problem, and tell how it has been overcome. Were the farmers given their farms back? Has the government stopped this nefarious practise?
• South Africa
17 Mar 08
These murders were barbaric of note! As far as I know these farmers have not been given the farms back and a lot of these farms are now barren so to speak. The people that took over had no idea on running the farm let alone maintaining the machinery! The racial tensions in South Africa stem more from the youth than the older generation. They seem to love to live in the past...a past that they weren't even part of (not even born)So lord only knows how this country is ever meant to move forward. Our government is a very sore point right now too. But I am sure you have seen plenty of that on your news! I just wish that you people overseas get shown the WHOLE story of a situation and not just the part where certain people are been dealt with by the police or the army! Maybe then this stigma of whites been racist would lesson?