THIS IS a message to the government!! --- STOP POISONING US

flouride is safe?? - dentist scam
March 17, 2008 4:49pm CST
GET THE fu**** flouride out of OUR water! DANG IT nobody wants it in there, nobody is buying the lies flouride is a POISON! it actually causes flourosis of the teeth this is all a big scam, THEY NEEDED to throw out their waste (flouride) so instead of paying to dump it, THEY DUMP IT IN OUR WATER!! for free get this SODIUM FLOURIDE WAS USED IN THE UNITED STATES for.................COCKOACH CONTROL B4 1900'S Heres a website for more info but there are LOTS out there!!
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17 Mar 08
I agree 100%. For a while my boys doctor had prescribed floride pills for them. Well after a month they got Black lines on there front teeth. It looked like they took a permanent marker and drew a line. It wouldnt come off with brushing. I stoped giving it to them and in about a week the lines went away. I havent used it sence. I feel if you want it then get a perscription for it other wise dont use it. I dont think we should be forced so to speak to use it. Just today I took my 4 year old to the dentist and he gave me a speach about it and that I should use it for my son. Well sorry to say but I dont want anything in my children that could potentally harm them. I remember when I was in grade school once every month we would do a floride treatment. They would bring little cups of the stuff to the class. Everyone had to swish it in there mouths for like 45seconds or so. Now what I dont know is if my parents had to sign for this to be done or if they just did it. Now as an adult I have problems with my teeth. I cant say for sure thats what its from but it very well could be. I didnt know they used to use it for cockaroach control. If it will kill a cockaroach what the hell is it doing to us??
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17 Mar 08
I want the fluoride in my water *raises hand* Why do they clean our teeth with fluoride at the dentist twice a year?