what/who is the most importantvaluable in your life?

March 17, 2008 10:37pm CST
some say that it is time. if we don't have time, we cannot do anything. my great teacher once said 'so little time, so much work'. well, guess that we should enjoy our life
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• Indonesia
18 Mar 08
cloudy starts a good talk, about time. Cloudy maybe agree that time is the most important factor in life. Enjoying time, yeah cloudy? But have you ever count your time? We are told we have 24 hours day/nite. Let's count them.....out of that 24 hours, 8 hour is for sleeping; then our time is reduced to 16 hours....this then should be consumed for doing job (7-10 hours), so we still have 6 hours that will be used for journeys, having fun, hangout, enjoy your days, and many more.........This fact shows us that time is important, but manage time properly is more important.........