How do you handle more than one boss

@BigO32 (47)
United States
March 17, 2008 11:06pm CST
I work in corporate america. I have been doing so for the past 15 years. For the vast majority of that time, I have had more than one boss. Corporate America does this just to mess around with you. It has to be. How can you possiibly please more than one person with all of the personalities that are out there today. My direct boss is a nice guy. He sets his expectations pretty clear and I can meet them fairly easily. They are challenging, which I like. Now his boss is also my boss. Now this guy is so hard to please. He always makes me feel like a tiny moron who has not learned a thing about my job in 15 years. At times, I try to outhink him and add one more thing to whatever I am doing, just because he had brought that up once before. And when he sees it, guess what, this time, it was not necessary and I actually got a lecture for being off task. So I adjust, and the next time, I leave it out. I think, with what happened last time, dont even go there. And, yup, you gessed it, he hit me up for not being thorough enough. Let me know if you have similar experiences trying to please your multitude of bosses. Ill speak about the other ones when I see how many people are in my shoes.
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@chiyosan (30194)
• Philippines
20 Mar 08
i have had my shares of having too many bosses! each campaign we handle has one manager and they all have different requests! what i use to do was to go to their deputy director. i would tell her that we can no longer accomodate what they wanted from my team and i need just one final draft, and only you can help me. once you give a go signal for this one we will all foloow a format. i think it is best to have it organized. maybe you can go directly to the one whose authority is higher than them.
@BigO32 (47)
• United States
24 Mar 08
At the end of the day, thats exactly what I have to do. i sometimes look back at the encounters with each and wonder if someone up there has a sense of humor. its hard to prioritize when everything is a priority to them. But then I ask. What about mine. If they dont get done then the same people who take me off task, kick my butt. Oh well, it definately makes everday different at the office. Thanks for your comments.