how would you react if you all of your files in your computer has gone?

@lizeri (533)
March 18, 2008 12:27pm CST
Well, these past days, I've been bothered by a problem in our computer. Last, last week, it had its system breakdown, and so, it has to be reformatted. I am very affected with what happened because all my files were in the memory, and not yet saved to a permanent storage. Actually, it has two hard drives, the primary and the secondary. All my files are in the secondary drive because my brother said, it will be safe there if ever the PC needs reformat. But after the reformatting, my sister said, all the files from the primary drive went to the secondary drive. In other words, the files from the secondary storage was overwritten by the primary drive. And now, I really feel bothered and I'm wandering if it is still in the memory of our computer. Sometimes, I'd like to cry, but I think it won't help because the files can never be retrieved, unless there's a miracle...
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