Being Raised By Older Parents.

March 18, 2008 8:27pm CST
Hello, I am 15 years old, (on my dads account!)and My mum is 60 and my Dad is 64. When I was born, i think my mum was 45 and my Dad was 50. I have 2 brothers who are about 24/25 years older than me and so really have been brought up as an only child. I would like to know some of your opinions on this, but firstly I will tell you a bit about what it is like if you do not know. Having older parents at my age can have its advantages and disadvantages. Unfortunately, where as the advantages are nice, the disadvantages can me really bad! Whenever people find out about how old my Mum and Dad are, they tend to frown at me and express bad comments. My brothers tend to be older than a lot of people my age's parents. An advantage is that my parents have been married for 40 years now, and so I never have to worry about them splitting up. I also kind of feel like I have 3 dads with my brothers which is a cool thing. When people see me with my Dad, they tend to say things like "You look so much like your granddad!" which I find more upsetting than I'm sure most of you can imagine. My parents' health is getting worse as the years go by, and the years seem to be going quite quickly now. My Dad can hardly walk far and I am constantly worrying about when they are going to pop their clogs. I cannot really live the average teenage life with parents like this. I have to care about them more and stuff. I'm always worrying about them. I'm always upset. Do you think adults should be giving birth at ages like this? What is your opinion on the matter? Please do not refrain from responding in case of offending me or something. I really respect everyones point of view. Thank you.
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@Linz1368 (13)
7 Nov 09
Hello, I am now 41 years old, and like you I was raised by older parents. The year I left school (at 16), they both retired, and from that point on I was always wondering and worrying how long I would have them around, but luckily for me they both lived to their 80s but it was a worry sometimes. I also got similar comments as my brother, who no longer stayed at home, was 19 years older than me and I did get a lot of stick at school. When I reached my teens, I really resented them being older as they were so strict, not allowing me out as late as my friends etc etc, and it wasn't until I got my own place at 24 that I learned to truly appreciate them and everything they did for me. I can't comment on whether adults should have babies in their 40s, as once they had both passed on I discovered that I had been adopted and they hadn't told me.
@heart143 (1202)
• Philippines
2 Apr 08
Even though it seems that having older parents has more disadvantages than benefits, consider yourself very lucky for having been given the chance to live in this world. What if they decide not to have any child anymore after your younger brother...then you'll not be here. Your mother must have really wanted you so much that she risked her life just to have you. I can almost see their joy for having you. Being young, I understand how you missed a normal teenage life, but every family member has his own duty to do. In times like this the family needs you more. I know you understand my point because you are an intelligent person. A normal teenage life doesn't mean going out or just hanging out with friends. It also mean being responsible enough to take stand for what you think is best. From your own words, you said they are already old...meaning they will not live too long anymore. Spend the most you can with them. Show them your gratitude and love. Don't forget to tell them how much you love them. Be the daughter they would always wish for. For you can always have friends and fun anytime, but for parents you can only have one.
@Tehgamer (275)
• Trinidad And Tobago
19 Mar 08
Actually the comment the first person left isnt exactly right... People whose mothers are pretty old have an increased risk of being born with some sort of mutation like Down's Syndrome since the mother's eggs are "old". Females are born with all the eggs they will ever need in life, unlike males who create sperm all through their life. U are lucky you aren't mutated lol (or are u?). Just kidding! As per your discussion, I see your point about you being worried about when your parents may leave you, and the reality of it is they have to go sometime. Being 18, I know how you would feel if your parents pass and it's not even nice to think about it since it makes you feel a bit sad and emty inside, doesn't it? My advice to you is to cherish the time you have together and help them to enjoy life while they can! At least if your brothers take you to hang out with them it would be cool! lol unless they're married XD!
• Philippines
19 Mar 08
I think its a good thing to be born by older advantages is children born by older parents have tendencies to be geniuses or much intelligent than average person...i not sure if its true, but logically it makes sense because older people have more experience than young people and the genes will pass to the baby. and i think ur very intelligent ryt?! ^_^