i love to cook!

@jonirei (116)
March 19, 2008 5:40am CST
who among you loves to cook too? i love foods thats why i love to cook! :b everytime i cook im the one who will it them!lol thats why even if it doesnt taste better,its just okay!^_^
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• Philippines
21 Mar 08
I love to cook as well. I like to watch cooking shows on TV because they are very informative and mouth watering too. I like trying most of the dishes but some ingredients are hard to find locally. I love watching Iron Chef, Barefoot Contessa,to name a few, Before I am hook to Cook with Yan , he is very good when handling knives. I don't know if you are familiar with Cooking Masterboy, that is an anime that has a cooking theme, I like that as well. Also , I like kitchen device or products that speed up cooking/preparation. I like cheese, it so yummy. When it comes to sauces I like white sauces for my pasta.
• United States
20 Mar 08
I use to be like anti-cooking and now I am like in love with cooking....funny..I just started cooking...and not to say because I am the one typing here but I cook pretty good...I am picky eater myself..and If i like my own food....well then i cook dam good...love it...actually looking to take a class..to start learning more..thats how much I am starting to love it...:) already know how to make several things though..I am proud of my self...:)
19 Mar 08
As a guy who lives on his own, I hvae to cook regulary. I dont really like microwave meals and i really enjoy preparing a meal when i get home from work. Now and then I try someting special using a cook book.
@teison2 (5924)
• Norway
19 Mar 08
I do not love it. Sometimes it is ok, but I prefere if my man does the cooking. or my mom if we are having fish
• China
19 Mar 08
I like cooking too. But actually I can merely do several courses. Frankly I have little time to cook and more than this, I have no place to cook. I think I should at first own a beautiful kitchen and all sorts of appliances..lol...... Only by this condition could I be able to cook a delicious food, right? I like deliciou food too. I could withstand the temptation of somewhat fascinating smell while hungry. I want to cook meal for my beloved families someday. Good luck!