so cute ,so sweet niece .......getting on nerves ?

March 19, 2008 8:07am CST
Have you had a chance of babysitting your niece or nephew ,the feeling of parenting slowly creeps into you and get elated to be an uncle .But this form of babysitting does not always turn out goodie goodie ,it can get the life out of you .I had seen everything in her life ,from the time she was an hour old till date . I am the closest to her after her parents .She is pretty smart for a 7 year old and has a way of getting things done .She knows my mood swings and would play to my tunes to accomplish her mischievous deeds .All these would complicate my babysitting her as i would not only have to take care of her but also be alert to her cute demeanour to unmask her real intentions .Though i love it , i also like be grumble about her .It is a tacit relationship which i value the most in life . If you have your experience similar to this or any comments please respond . with regards
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@chilenita (473)
• Canada
19 Mar 08
i love Her shes a sweety and i was with her while she was growing up and i loved her even more Now shes onlder like ten maybe and has a bad attitude and shes very cold towards us and dosent seem to care to spend ay time with me but when she does its her last day and she has to go in a couple of hrs so i feeel like the whole weekend i tryed to please her and she shuts me down but I know this weekend shes gonna love Me cause its easter and im love to make Lots Of fun decorations and i know she does too even my brother said that he should be doing this things with her like I do with my son i wish she wasnt so white washed and more latina More Loving and more carrying not some cold gril so she gets on my nerves