Is the neanderthal population working as P.E. teachers in schools?

March 19, 2008 8:39am CST
Equality does appear to have moved on - if only slightly, but why does it still seem to be that neanderthal man is still alive and earning a decent living as a P.E. teacher in alot of schools throughout the country. They still view girls as an unnecessary burden who have no place in the world of 'professional sport'. Thus woe betide any female who would dare to be a referee, umpire, official etc., as she is only playing at the role and could not possibly know the rules and execute the same to the high degree a male counterpart could. These teachers and I hasten to add not all male P.E. teachers are stuck in the dark ages, just a large proportion who demoralise their pupils (girls and boys alike) by trying to run a boot camp. Using shouting, intimidating methods rather than words of encouragement. All participants should be valued.
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