does science put food on the table..?

United Arab Emirates
March 19, 2008 9:19am CST
I have been graduated 3 years ago. my study cost was almost 10000$ put till now i dont have a job. i thought that i would be investing in my future by learning. but it seems that science doesnot put food on the table....... any comments?????
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@sedel1027 (17851)
• United States
19 Mar 08
Science can be a good field, just depend son what you want to do and what kind of training you have. You may just not be able to work in the original field you went to school for. As an example, my Aunt has a Marine Biology degree, but other than volunteer work has never really gotten to use the degree for Marine Biology. She has taught science, worked in a chemistry lab and currently works in a lab for a food production company.
• United Arab Emirates
19 Mar 08
can your aunt find me a job in the food production company cause i am unemployed at this moment my major is related.
@manya_pearl (1903)
• Singapore
21 Mar 08
Yeah... of course! Science people have knowledge about human and nature, more than social and arts people. Hmmm... and all i know, science people more struggle for difficult things, because we're thinking anything "real" and "there" in our earth... more than other professions. I said it because i'm also taking medical lab science, if i graduate from my program, i will work as medical technologist, and i'm really proud of it. Btw, what is your course before? I think there are so many laboratory, research center, and education institutions need science people.... yeah, you just research from internet, maybe you can find the job which is really fit for you... Never feel down being science people, but proud of it! Everything around you came from the works of scientist even the food that put on the table!
@goergineo (1498)
• Jordan
21 Mar 08
it does put food on table. but ;little patience man and keep trying someday you will be good dont give up
• Canada
21 Mar 08
While science is a very interesing and essential in day to day life there really arent many jobs our there. I guess it depends on what youre planning to do with youre degree or what you had in mind. Im pretty sure as far as most scientifc jobs are concerned they usually require more than a bachelors. If you want to be a doctor you need and MD, if you want to be a researcher I wouls assume you need a Ph.D. With a bachelor's with very little training one could be a teacher.