The Perfect Partner with the Perfect Addiction

March 19, 2008 9:29am CST
Have you ever been in a relationship where you absolutely knew that your partner was the right one for you? I had this kind of person in my life, who was and still is a caring, sweet, and protective. He treats me like a princess, but there was a catch. He was abusing substance. Usually people tell one to leave him, but I clung on because I thought I could help him. But I changed him instead. I broke up with him a couple of times and now we're back together. I don't know if he is still using, and I'm too tired to care, for now I have myself to attend to. But I always wonder where that perfect partner is in him. Where did it go? I can still see the sweet things he does and says, and he still behaves like before, but all the problems and the fights seemed to have buried this perfect partner picture for me.
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• Bahamas
20 Mar 08
Hi dear. your perfect partner is buried in a desease called addiction. Addiction of any kind can turn the sweetest person into a monster. by now paying more attention to your needs, you'r heading in the right direction. now what you have to decide is, can you survive this relationship. if you decide to stay remember that as long as he's trapped in his addiction he cannot truly love anyone.
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• India
20 Mar 08
Dear x, as I 2 broke up with my girl friend your case is like mine, but I still have hope some day we ll patch up if she is truly in love with me else I would consider we are destined to be seperated though I have a beautifull daughter out of the relationship.I miss her so mutch give time to your relation ship. by!
@chilenita (473)
• Canada
19 Mar 08
well sweety looks like you need to move on.... they say if you go back your your ex its cause you belive there nothing better out there... not all the relationships are abusive and if thats your ase it wasnt ment to be... i meet a guy that i thought was perfect for me but it trruns out his not i can countine with him but its not the right thing to do i love my self and i know there way better out there for me even if im sooo in love with him or belive were so perfect for each othere but now were good friends and i know what I dont want now