Practical Demonstration of the Fact that God Exists.

October 31, 2006 4:33am CST
My calling is to work for the spiritual enlightenment of humankind. To this end, I have been posting articles on the Internet; articles to prove that God exists, to show that we need Him and to point out the benefits of living a God-friendly life. However, I have discovered from many of the responses I have received that rational arguments alone will not change people’s stand on religious issues. A more practical approach is required if people are to be persuaded that Godliness will guarantee their happiness, good health and success in life. Seeing, they say, is believing. Do you want practical demonstration of God’s existence? Do you want confirmation that God has sent me to help humans get the most benefit out of life through the attainment of full spiritual enlightenment? Here is all you need to do. If you have a particularly difficult problem that is weighing you down or stealing your joy – it could be a marital, a health or a financial problem. Whatever it is, just call me on my mobile phone. The number is: +234-803-707-5022. Tell me about it and I will pray and ask the Almighty God to intervene in your situation. God will prove His existence and confirm my status as His messenger by performing a miracle in your life. When you receive your miracle, don’t forget to call me back and let me know what God has done for you. I want to hear your testimony and share in the joy of your deliverance. The days of miracles are not yet over. If you have an intractable problem that is casting a shadow over your life, here is your chance to experience the boundless goodness and the immeasurable power of God. “Everything is possible for him who believes”. These are words of eternal truth from Jesus Christ. Emmanuel Emezie No. 22 Pound Rd, Aba, Abia State, Nigeria. PS I live in Nigeria. Calls to me should be made between 9:am and 7:pm local time.
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