Do you think that we could live longer?

United States
March 19, 2008 1:48pm CST
I love to learn and to grow in body, soul and mind and I have been pondering something lately that I wanted to get some feed back on. Do you think that humans could live longer than we do? Maybe even forever if we wished it? That the only reason we die is because we expect it or is it truly out of our hands?
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@klaudyou (501)
19 Mar 08
Unfortunately we are organic matter. And organic matter is dying, born again, and again dying...Organic matter is submitted to life cycle, there is no way we can expand our bodies' life more than it is...We can live longer, but just a little bit, depending on our ways... But we can live in others' memory through our deeds from our lifetime. And it may be a better life if we take the time to think about it...Maybe it can motivate us to live our lives better, to add more value to the time spent walking on earth on two legs. Maybe...
@nova1945 (1614)
• United States
19 Mar 08
This could depend on your height! A new study reveals that some short women have a gene linked to longevity. Acording to the research tall people make more money, have higher self esteem and may even be smarter than their more diminutive counterparts. But, in the latest issue of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, researchers report that a variant of a gene linked to very long life and small stature in animals may be linked to both in humans as well. Children of centenarians are more likely to have the genetic variant; they are also more likely to be lacking in the height department.The study began with a group of Ashkenazi Jews, all of them over 95. 20% of the subjects had smoked for decades. One woman who was 105 and had smoked for 90 years. I am 5'5" so don't know if that is considered short or average. Whichever it is, I sure don't want to live that long, Would you?
@ruby222 (4848)
19 Mar 08
A lot of people who are very `mature1 at the moment have said that they have no wish to live longer!! My Mum would be appalled at the thought...she thinks that if she were to lose her faculties that lifes quality has gone!! Im not too sure how I feel about it...maybe in 20 years time you can ask me again!!!!
@jsharriz (436)
• Ukraine
19 Mar 08
living for ever is questionable...i dun believe its possible..but we can sure add sme more years to our life wid proper diet n excercise along wid quality life..without stress.