How to make animated GIF image as profile picture?

October 31, 2006 4:39am CST
I have seen some profiles here who have this animated gif images. I have made small gif animation which got posted as plain image. do anyone have idea how to post a gif image as profile image.??
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@Asylum (48058)
• Manchester, England
31 Oct 06
I understand your frustration because everyone seems to have encountered the same problem. I have posted animated gifs on MyLot that have displayed fine, but then I have posted other animated gifs that not only do not animate but display a black background. I have checked the images on my hard drive and cannot find any logical explanation for this behaviour. You will also find that some animations display badly in you discussion but correctly in the images folder. The most annoying fact is that you cannot tell how it is going to display until it has been uploaded.
• India
31 Oct 06
Problem is only with GIF images i have created. Now one image here shows fine in y profile after upload, but didnt move a pixel in actual page when seen in another browser. No idea!! :-|