study or have a job

March 19, 2008 7:36pm CST
after we graduate from a key university, is is good to have a job to afford ourselves or continue our education
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• United States
27 Apr 08
Really and truly!! believe that if you are willing and able to do both, go fr it. You can never have a good enough education. There are more and more things to learn in the world. And having a good job straight out of school also is a blessing. If you wanna make it in this world, you have to work hard regardless.
@echosu (152)
• Singapore
27 Mar 08
When I at school I want graduate soon but when the day coming I really do not want leave school,may be I havent plan the future and prepare for the future,so for it is a hard choose to look for a job,but I think every one have the step to look for a job nooner or later.
@sanzi1201 (644)
• China
23 Mar 08
At school,I didn't want to study. Because I didn't know what was I need . After graduating ,from what I work with I know that what I shoud lern,so I'' lern something forwardly. I think it shoud lie on our goal.
@darvulia (101)
• Portugal
20 Mar 08
i think to study its very important for me, but i have to work to finish my studys. in my country even being graduated, its very dificult to find a job for which you studied. you see gradueted teachers work in supermarkets and small coffees.
@Darkwing (21586)
20 Mar 08
I suppose it depends what you want to do, as a result of your education, really. Ok... taking a job and getting experience is good, but not if it interferes with your further education and where you want to be. I think it's a personal decision. Brightest Blessings.