What is the strangest place you have broken down before?

@kiran1978 (4137)
March 20, 2008 2:36am CST
Yesterday I was going through a car wash, I was listening to mucic whilst the car wash was doing its thing. Then when I went to start the car when it was finished, my car did not start. My battery was flat. I was so embarassed, I had to ask the petrol station attendent to jump start my car, lukcy he had jumper leads. So what is the strangest place that you have broken down before?
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@mark17779 (667)
20 Mar 08
I bet you had your engine off aswell when you was listening to the radio didn't youu ???? I have not broke down in any strange place for a few years ago I had an old Rover and these cars are renowed for the head gasket failing and I was just aproaching a very busy roundabout at peak time when the road was busy and my car started juddering/miss firing and broke down right on the roundabout. I felt like such a idiot pushing the car on to the side of the road with every one beeping there horns at me.
@kiran1978 (4137)
• Australia
21 Mar 08
Hi Mark, yes I did have my engine turned off while listening to music, however I did not have my ignition on. I though it would be fine to listen to music without it flattening my battery. That would have been a very difficult and frustrating situation breaking down at the round about. Atleast it is over now and never happens again. Thanks for your response.
@balasri (26549)
• India
20 Mar 08
Luckily my car hasn't broken down a single time so far.