wat is sitting down?

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March 20, 2008 5:44pm CST
is sitting down my instinct? is it an addiction? coz i find it very addicting especially wen im in front of my pc. and also i dont lose weight even though i work out a lot. is this because i sit down a lot as well can i control this?
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20 Mar 08
yes, you can start by sucking in your stomach while sitting at the computer as it will help with your abs. in between surfin, take a break and stretch your arms, as this works on your obliques. if you really want a sit down workout, then tighten your stomach and and squeeze your buns at the same time in reps. hope this helps. namaste
@ruby222 (4848)
20 Mar 08
Well we full well know that all this sitting in front of the computer is not good for the figure!!..but lol we still do it!! I dont work out ..so the combination of sitting and not working out ..it doesnt bear thinking about!!!lolol