weird episode..

March 20, 2008 7:15pm CST
i remember an episode in buffy(i forgot its chapter) where buffy was bit by a vampire and then had this "hallucination" that everything was not real. the truth was she had a nervous breakdown where she was caught in her imaginations that she has a sister and a she was a slayer. Her parents never died and that she was sick for many years now. when the doctor suggested that for her to get well she must kill all her "imaginary friends". buffy tried to do it for she was really confused which world is real and she also liked the idea that her mom is alive. so she locked all her friends and sister and tried to kill them but they were able to talk her out that it was the effect of the venum of the monster that bit her. so the episode ended with the scene that buffy's mom was crying when the doctor announced that buffy withdrew from the reality and she can no longer be curd. it was really weird for me.. can anybody explain to me what really happened? which world is real?
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11 May 10
Many here have said the name of the episode and all that. However, I just wanted to add something interesting about the episode. The writer of this episode only wrote one episode of "Buffy." It was, obviously, this one. The cool thing is, though, that he actually submitted the episode as a spec script. This was one of the few cases where a spec script actually got turned into an episode. Normally, you'll write a spec script, submit it, and based on how good a writer you are (and, to some degree, your connections), you'll get a meeting and possibly hired. But the spec script just acts as a calling card, so to speak. Also, I've always assumed the primary world in "Buffy" was the real one. There are many reasons, but the one that proves it for me is that there are things that happen that Buffy could not possibly be aware of. Like, for instance, most of what happens on the spin-off, "Angel." If this world really was created by her, she would have access to every bit of information, but she doesn't.
@allamgirl (2144)
• Philippines
21 Apr 10
it's called normal again. the real world is the one where buffy is the slayer.
• Australia
7 May 08
I really liked this episode, and the last scene with Joyce made me cry when I watched it! Like lecanis siad, it weas the poison of the demon that brought on the hallucinations. What's interesting to me is how it parallels buffy comics. I can't remember what the comic name was but it showed buffy in the asylum after telling everyone she was the slayer. In the episode, buffy reveals that she was committed when she revealed her slayer identity to her parents. Its almost exactly like the comic. I think the world where buffy tied up her friends is tyhe real one. But I could be wrong...
@lecanis (16664)
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21 Mar 08
It's called "normal again" and it's season six, episode 17. What happens is that the Trio (Jonathon, Andrew, and Warren) send a demon after Buffy that poisons her, and it's the poison that causes her to hallucinate this. In the end, there really isn't any way to know which world is real. Joss Whedon (the creator of the show) says that it was intentionally left open to interpretation. I prefer, of course, to believe that the Buffy world with vampires and all that in it is real, but then I really would hate to see all those characters I spent years of my life watching not be real, even if it's just in a TV show world!