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March 20, 2008 8:02pm CST
What commercials drive you absolutely crazy? Are there any commericals that you love and could watch over and over? What about the ones that make you want to shut the TV off and throw the remote? I cannot stand commericals advertising car lots or commericals where I hear the alarm clock going off or a cell phone constantly ringing. One commerical that I am loving is the one where the workers are in the clouds making rain. I think its for a water purifier or something like that. I don't mind at all when that comes on!
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23 Mar 08
i wish they'd get rid of viagra bob (i think it's viagra).he has a really creepy grin on his face. a runner up is the geico cavemen.i think that's played out as far as it can go. i do like the 7-up belching rabbit though.
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21 Mar 08
I hate the sprint commercial where the dark haired girl gets a cell phone and all of a sudden she is gonna call everyone she knows and "Tell them what I really think." Right, it takes getting a cell phone to say what you really think.......just get a My Lot account, LOL. The one I like watching is where they are singing "So kiss me again", a the princess kisses a frog, in cartoonish land, then all of a sudden they are real. My all time favorite commercial was, the kid in a walker, who took off flying through the house. I don't remember who it was for, but I loved seeing that kid booking through the house. I think my second favorite was for McDonalds, there was a baby in a swing, and every time the swing went forward the baby giggled. That kid had the cutest giggle.