my baby girl won't stop biting

United States
March 21, 2008 2:21am CST
My daughter turns 2 today and she just recently started biting other kids. Just at daycare, and not adults usually, but if a child has something she wants, she'll bite them to get it. I hav eread a bunch online, and tried all sorts of things, against my better judgement because my child care is at risk. My sitter just can't have her biting the little babies and other kids. We've tried lime juice (we got a "yum") when she bites, immediate time out, even tobasco sauce, which was recommended by more than one person. Just trying to get some input from others...
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@tactac (5)
• United States
27 Mar 08
My son was kicked out of 2 daycares because of biting! I tried everything...(I even bit him back once - not hard, but that didn't work) I was told to try tabasco sauce, or any hot sauce. (Got "yum" with that). One day my son about took a bite out of my arm, drew blood. I was so ticked, without really thinking about it, I opened the cabinet and grabbed the chili powder, I liked my finger and stuck it in the container and then put my finger in my sons mouth. He stuck his tounge out and grabbed it, trying to wipe away the chili powder. And...He never bit anyone again!
@wnbwnbwnb (426)
• China
23 Mar 08
I don't have a kid,actually.But my 2 years old nephew doed this all the time.My sister is so worry about that,and I just tell her that it is an exercise for the kids.
@Zorrogirl (1503)
• South Africa
21 Mar 08
my daughter did it too when she was 2. what worked for me was biting her back. sounds cruel but they wont know how painful it is if they dont experience it herself. then i started playing a game with her. she was a lion and i told her to bite me. i asked nicely that she musnt bite me hard. and when she didnt bite hard, i rewarded her. and thanked her. somehow it worked in daycare as well. she is nearly 3 now and all is still going well.