Promoting your site-gaining viewers and moving up across search engine ranking

March 21, 2008 2:54am CST
I just came across an idea for promoting our sites . Most of us have a website,but the problem is that it is really difficult to attract people to view it. So here is what we can do. We can set up links and banners of our own websites in each other's blogs or websites.That way there is a chance that viewers others have gathered will view your site, and vice versa. If you feel interested, please give your html code for ur banner or the url for your site in your reply. I will also post my banner url . This way the participants can get a lot of backlinks, which will also hwlp our sites move up in google search engine.
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@torkyn (80)
• Australia
21 Mar 08
That doesn't work to well unless all the peoples blogs are of similar content that is relevant to each other because you have one person come to your site looking for certain content they only want to be redirected to other pages with similar content. the theory isn't bad though. just register you blog with a bunch if search engines there is lots of sites that register you site with lots of search engines instantly