March 21, 2008 5:47am CST
Let me say, maybe a guy... or a girl... he/she is playing violin in front of you and the music sounds beautiful. And that person has not that handsome or beautiful but he/she looks good from the way he dress or style and of course the way he/she plays that instrument. Do you think he/she looks attractive to you? For me, yes... a person who can play musical instrument with that description is really attractive to me... if the music is nice, i can enjoy it as i watching a show... maybe i will have fan for him. yeah... person who can play piano or maybe cello, also attractive for me... they just have aura that makes people interesting to look at them while playing with their emotionals...
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@tinkerick (1257)
• United States
28 Mar 08
Yes...not in the "relationship" sense, but rather in a artistic manner. Someone who plays well and is really into what they are playing, immersing themeselves, body and soul into the music becomes a work of art to behold. Any instrument player can be like that. I just have a particular connection to violins and other string instrments since I played violin for many years.
@Hatley (164169)
• Garden Grove, California
28 Mar 08
i have always loved violin music and when I see someone who really is very talented playing a beautiful melody then they do appear attractive to me because I can feel and sense the emotions they are putting into their music.
@bluishrose (2290)
• Philippines
22 Mar 08
For me any person who plays an insturment very well is attractive. It brings out the best in him or her. Its envious when people is good at something specially musical instrument because i don't know how to play any instrument.