just walking

March 21, 2008 8:45am CST
When you feel unhappy,just walking.then things will be better.you can feel peace
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@paid2write (5201)
21 Mar 08
It usually works for me. I read that there is a reason for it. When you walk your body relases good chemicals into the brain which make you feel more happy. I also think that being outside in the fresh air can make you feel better. If you can walk somewhere beautiful where there are flowers and trees abd birds, it's difficult to feel unhappy in such a place.
• China
21 Mar 08
yeah ,this is the power of nature.walking outside just a way to make a connect with it.
• Sweden
22 Mar 08
Yes - the most know good chemicals is called endorhpin and it makes you feel good. It is released during all kinds of physical activity. So if you feel bad - any kind of physical activity that you can do without problem can help you.
@echosu (152)
• Singapore
27 Mar 08
Every day the spcial thing is walking,with my MP4 walking in school campus,forget everying,then thinking everying,them remember everthing,you may have different feeling during this time.
@lacort (7)
• Philippines
23 Mar 08
I do that a lot. When i have problems, i usually walk around my favorite parks and it seems like i totally forget all my problems.
@Marg12 (329)
• United States
22 Mar 08
Just wanted to say that I totally agree that walking is a great thing to do. I love to take my dogs for a walk and end up having the goats follow me too. I look like the PiedPiper with all the animals following me around. It is so peaceful to go for a nice walk and good exercise too. Gets me out of the house and is just good health wise. Margie Elmendorf
@banipenet (283)
22 Mar 08
I agree with you. I feel better walking too. I love to walk with my son and my husband indifferently where, in the park, to the markets. I am trully happy when we go to picnic and i enjoy every blade of the grass, every ray of the sun, etc.