how many of them here knew about the language tamil???

@Coolgeth (1215)
March 21, 2008 9:22am CST
hello all, i just interested to know about this as my mother tongue is tamil. do u know about this language. do you speak tamil?? is it new to you?? i really appreciate your valuable response.. Thanks
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• India
21 Mar 08
Ya i know that language. It is the official language of tamil nadu and also it is spoken by millions of other tamils all over the world. The tamil language has similarities with south indian languages.
@shana123 (2095)
• India
25 Jul 08
tamil - language,tamil
Its my mother tongue and my favourite language i love to speak in tamil but what to do mylot allows me to write in english otherwise i would have written everything in tamil.ippadi oru discussion start pannadhuku nandri nanba
@cyberfluf (4996)
• Netherlands
9 Jul 08
I'm sorry, I wasn't formiliar with the language untill I saw it on this discussions. I haven't a clue how it sounds or where it is spoken, I did read that you are in India and I read that it's also spoken in Sri Lanka in another response so I guess I learned just a tad more about it today :)
@mariner68 (1276)
• India
29 Apr 08
i am from chennai and my mother tongue is tamil. one of the oldest languages of the world.
@gr8life (6251)
• Malaysia
4 Jun 08
Hello Coolgeth, I am fully aware of the language but I don't know how to speak in Tamil. In Malaysia, we have Indians who speak in their mother tongue language beside English.
• India
9 Jul 08
hi, my mother tongue is tamil only. i always speak tamil only. nan yaravathu tamil person irukangalanu thadikita irunthaen mylotla...
• Sri Lanka
21 Mar 08
I checked your profile and you are from India. Mostly the Tamil language is used in Tamil Nadu. In my country Sri Lanka we have about 2 million Tamils and it is one of the official languages. The language is much like Sinhala but one drawback is the inability to differentiate between Cha and Sa, Tha and Dha, Pa and Ba and Ka and Ga. In some cases the mother calls the some Apilash and the father calls him Abilash. Also Thevagi to some is Devaki to others. Just like Sinhala the Tamil language is very phonetic and is easy to learn. Unfortunately though I can read and write a bit, I cannot speak in Tamil.
@kalav56 (11464)
• India
29 Apr 08
My mother tongue is also Tamil. I love Tamil books, Tamil films and Tamil songs[especilally film music]
@slickcut (8141)
• United States
21 Mar 08
Im not at all famliar with the language but i would be interested to know something about it...Maybe someone here could help...sorry i could not help
@jsharriz (436)
• Ukraine
21 Mar 08
im from tamil nadu n can speak all slangs of tamil including classic tamil in flow...i love tamil next to my mother tongue...such a lovely language.
23 Mar 08
saga nanbargalukku vanakkam,vazhga tamil,vazharga tamil.