What's the best way to memorize chords?

United States
March 21, 2008 10:11am CST
I play guitar and I'm trying to memorize more chords, does anyone have any ideas on how to memorize more?
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@zozeman (56)
21 Mar 08
Take a song, an easy song, with basic chords, and play it, until you can easily play it without looking at the sheet paper. When you can play the song with no problems in changing chords, try to learn another song, but still keep playing the old song you were practicing, and so on. Just take your time, it's useless to memorize a large number of chords if you have problems changing them, and you cannot play songs with them. Have patience, learn one song at a time, practice it, and in time you'll have them ;)
@gerald_lian (2191)
• Australia
21 Mar 08
My advice would be that if you are trying to memorize more chords, try to learn a few new chords each day practice them through and through until you become familiar with them. Then, once you're familiar with them, try to play a song that involves the chord, so that you can familiarize yourself with changing from another chord to that new chord, and changing from that chord to another. Within days, you can learn and memorize so many new chords already! That was what I did too when I first started taking up guitar and I found that it has helped me tremendously in my fingering for chords. Hope it helps you too!