my own view of TIbet

March 21, 2008 2:26pm CST
I know Dalai lama blamed that chinese treat tibetans as"secondary people",and I saw an article in time saying that they interview a 17-year-old refugee, who says they tibetans have no chance to learn their own language and history and can't find a job. but as i know, even i am a Han Chinese, i have learnt lots of tibet history from history lessons, how can't he know anything? the history books can be bought in any stores. chinese government is also trying its best to improve the life of local people. if you know sth. about tibet, you know that it used to be a slavery society dominated by nobles like dalai lama who occupy5% of the population and it is in such a severe natural environment, while chinese government built a railway to tibet , bringing large sum of employments and goods and tourism incomes let alone the money spent in protecting their culture and tempers. i can't imagine any government can have do better to the minority in the world.
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@lilaclady (28236)
• Australia
21 Mar 08
This is one area I have never understood, obviously there is untruths spoken from one side ot another, I just wish people could all live in harmoney, everyone be told the truth, there was a report back here in Australia that truth was being hidden from the Chinese people to such an extent that China had blocked a lot of what is on the internet from the Chinese people, it has been reported here in the newspapers that the Chinese people are not told of many of the things that is going on, I don't know what to believe as I have learnt over the years Governments all over the world are dishonest if it helps their own agenda, it has even been said the boycotting of the Olympics could happen, i hope not, I just wish we all could be told the truth about everything, all government of all countries should stop telling us lies and let us make up our own minds, but i wish everyone over there peace...we all deserve to be happy, live is too short and too precious.
• China
28 Mar 08
thank you for your words. Yes, I have said that I didn't know the truth of what had happened in Tibet.Every government just did the things for their own profits. What I said here is just my opinion and tell some people who oppesed China that what they know may probably not correct either. Thank you for your kindness.^_^