Are you manipulated?

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March 21, 2008 6:18pm CST
My cat thinks she can run the show and manipulate everyone. She doesn't get everything she wants, but she has a way of getting you to come outside to her in the cold, just so she can look at you. I've made a point lately to not let her have control over me, I'm bigger, I run the show!!! And I won't put her down till I want to, squirm on kitty, I will win this one! Do you think your cat manipulates you? of are you really in charge?
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22 Mar 08
In a way cats do run the house and you live with them, Scribe is right, they can dictate to you. Mine do it in the morning by yelling at the door and ruuning around the bedroom, running over me and then running and throwing themselves against the door. I try to reason with them but it does not work. In another way, I am in control. If something has to be done, I am in charge and the boss. I make them know it. If ears have to be cleaned, claws have to be clipped, they can tell from my body language that they are not getting out of it. I am always the one who gets those chores, Oh and pilling. All of the fun stuff. One of my tricks is to kneel down and practically sit on the cat without hurting it. Then the cat can't back away and most of the cat is pretty much restrained. Wrapping a cat in a towel is also helpful. Why are you letting your cat outside? It is infinitely safter and healthier to keep your cats inside away from disease, prey, nasty children and adults, sweet tasting antifreezer which is poison, cars and trucks, and people who either hate cats or feel that they should not be out and take them and place them with people who keep them inside.
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21 Mar 08
My two cats, Columbus and Waffles, get up at the break of dawn and start walking all around the bed, especially on my pillow. They want breakfast (I've spoiled them a little) and they want it NOW. I would love to turn around and go back to sleep, but those two cats never let up. One sits facing me, staring right at my eyes. The other sits on the opposite pillow facing and staring at me. In seconds, the cats are facing each other and trading slaps. Their thumping around is too much and I finally drag myself out of bed. The cats meet me in the kitchen and wait. Waffles always sits under the table, waiting for the food dish to be placed in front of her. The cats do that to me every morning.