March 22, 2008 1:43am CST
I was planning to buy a juicer I got one but I'm not satisfied to it's performance. I watch on T.V. about Jack lalanne Juicer it look great for me and I found out that it's very expensive before buying it I want to be sure if it really good one. The performance and quality of this juicer some time advertisement make it exaggerated and finding in the end that it's not worth buying for. I want my hard earning money to be sure where it goes I don't want to regret like the first one I already bought. They say that the pulp that coming out in this Jack lalanne are really dry unlike the first one that I bought I squeeze some of the juices out of it's pulp I want to buy this Because my children are not in fun of eating fruits and vegetables but they like juice if I make one. S I try to buy Juicer that really good in it's performance. Is anybody here own a juicer like Jacklalanne can you please tell me if it's really good or they are over advertise it. thanks in advance
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