attitude is everything.....

March 22, 2008 7:21am CST
dont feel bored to read this just on seeing this quatity..try to read it wid ur heart...and just atleast try to implement it...... one feels restless if one goes after feels complacent if one learns to live. life appears the way one looks at needs to be careful in moulding evry oppo0rtunity into one's favour...learn to react based on the situation...ultimately.,,,its the choice that decides the destiny...having a positive attitude enables one to make the rite decision....... needs to affable and must be welcome every where...we need 2 remain in our hilarious should to learn to make the right decision choice at every stage of life...we need to look at the brighter side of the situation and perceive things in a palpable manner.... let me give u an example for more explanation... there was a guy named jerry.... he was a unique stress manager...he enabled his co-workers to look at the brighter side of the situation...he was a natural motivator. once...he left the back door open...the unbidden entry of the robbers left jerry dumb struck...choosy jerry had only Hobsons choice..he was stupefied and the robbers shot him in a state of frenzy...Fortunately ,,,he was rushed to the trauma centre. jerry was rushed to the hospital in a traumatic state....Firstly, he felt tat if he had locked the back door,he would have prevented the untoward thing from happening ....despite the efforts of the paramedics...the pale expression on their faces perturbed him...his retort to the nurse reminded them of the spark of life in was this amazing attitude tat helped in the successful performing of the surgery... so wat i tell at last is tat....try to be positive just 4 once and see the difference in ur life for urself....
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• China
22 Mar 08
I agree with your attitude towards life. In fact, I had a seriously illness a long time ago and I felt rather bad that time. I had no happiness, no hope and I thought that I would die. But my mother is very optimistic about everything in life and she often advised me that life is not all happiness and not all unhappiness. She often said that what we should do is that being optimistic about everything in life. So I listened to her and I insisted exercising. So I am fine now. And I often think about the words of my mother, so what we must do is that being happy about everything in life, including unhappiness.
• India
22 Mar 08
thx for being agreeable wid ur one best example for put b4...everyone for wat i wrote.....dere might also be people who feel its senseless...its just my trial to change those minds..thx for ur reply sir.