Bye Bye EuroBarre

@rumore (1410)
March 22, 2008 6:34pm CST
In more than four years of activity, with more than one million members, EUROBARRE has become the main French-speaking surf bar. Over the years, its fame having increased, the percentage of foreign members has become more considerable. These ones come mainly from Poland and Italy and go as far as to form half of the members. However, very few advertising programs are proposed in these two countries, as they are furthermore occasional or sporadic. The foreign members using intensively the bar to score a maximum of points generate no advertising income. Thus, all the operations abroad end in heavy losses, what has consequently decreased the rate of the point. We also noticed that the main overuse of EUROBARRE, that is the continuous night and day functioning and inquiries answered correctly only in a few seconds and the false referrals, who surf continuously too, comes from abroad. Consequently, from 1st April 2008 : EUROBARRE only accepts French members (residing in France and in French overseas departments and territories), who are exclusively paid through bank transfer. PAYPAL-owner members have three months (i.e. until 30t June 2008) to give their banking details in order to be paid through bank transfer. Non-French members are not allowed to sponsor referrals. They cannot use EUROBARRE either and have three months (until 30th June 2008) to make a last and only one claim for payment, as long as their account have reached over 15 Euros. All the operations (e-mails, inquiries, surveys) will also be suspended abroad, and EUROBARRE support limited to French language from then onwards.
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