Computer Eyes

@tjades (3591)
March 22, 2008 6:37pm CST
I have been staring at this computer so much that I think now I have developed computer eyes. My eyes are tierd and right now one is itching but I just cant seem to tear myself away from the computer for long. I gave up the computer to my six year old nephew who just got off playing games. While he was on the computer I noticed that he got up and with his eyes closed he felt is way around and found me. When he he got to me he said "Aunty". I answered and he in turn said, "My eyes are warning me". I found this funny so I asked him what he meant. His reply was that he was playing games for so long now his were warning him. I couldnt help but laugh. He wasnt even on the computer for half an hour. Does anyone out there in the mylot world experience this? Any suggestions for home remedy?
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