Curiousity Questions

United States
March 23, 2008 12:02am CST
I've always loved asking personal questions to the person I'm in a relationship with to be able to better understand them and to get to know them better than what I already know them. I like to go beyond the "What's your favorite color?" and into things like "What are six things you could never live without?" and stuff like that. So, my question for you MyLotters, is do you have any questions like that that you think would help further discussion between my boyfriend and I and help me to get to know him better? I think these questions are a good thing for any couple to ask one another, since communication is never a bad thing. I believe it's one of the main pillars of a relationship, and I intend on keeping ours strong. Some examples are: 1. What are six things you couldn't live without? 2. What's something you've never told anyone? 3. What is one of your worst habits? 4. Who do you look up to most in life? 5. If you could have any job, what would it be? So yeah, stuff like that. And thank you!
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