What does disk clean up mean

@jhl930 (3603)
United States
March 23, 2008 1:51am CST
I have windows vista and I was looking at the things that you can do on it and i saw a thing called disk cleanup and i was just wondering if anyone could tell me what that means and what it is suppose to do for your computer is it suppose to be like disk defrag or what...if anyone knows please feel free to tell me waht you think it means!
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@dnbuster (442)
• United States
24 Mar 08
just cleans up the junk on ur computer
@mlhuff12 (798)
• United States
23 Mar 08
i think it just compacs your files together. and gets rid of the junk on your computer. leaving you with more space...not exactly sure, but i should probably do that, i haven't done it for a while.
@Asylum (48048)
• Manchester, England
23 Mar 08
I would not use disk cleanup myself because it removes surplus unwanted files such as temporary files or internet cache etcetera, but it is rather indiscriminate. The best way to remove unwanted files and data is to delete them yourself, this way you know that you are only removing files that you do not want.
@maxsee212 (799)
• United States
23 Mar 08
it simply means cleaning the unecessary things in your computer like cookies and other unused junk by your computer. disk defrag means to make your computer read data faster. both are good for your computer. aleast run both once a month.