March 23, 2008 5:56am CST
Today, I was yery bored of this process--preparing for TEM4.I don't know whether I am tired. I doubt this way of learning English.Do I have to do these endless excersices?How I want to escape from them. It is the first time I scared the english study.The education policy or manner in China is not suitable to me.I've failed so many examinations since 1999. Examination ,as for me,is a sign of my failure.I'm extremely depressed now.I am hating the books on my desk. However, classmates around me are fighting at this time,against the glossery and the grammar. May they good...
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@owlwings (44061)
• Cambridge, England
23 Mar 08
Try not to think of Examinations as a sign of failure. Even if you don't pass an exam, it is still a valid measure of your progress. Everyone has different ways of learning and progresses at different rates. It is difficult when your teachers are offering a learning method that doesn't suit you but you have to learn to live with it. Sometimes you can find other ways of learning that suit you better so that, by working in your own time, you can get on better at school. Your question was written in very good English, so don't be downhearted! English is not the easiest of languages in many ways. Spelling, syntax and grammar are probably the things that most students have difficulty with. Punctuation and capitalisation seem to be difficult for Chinese speakers, too, though the Chinese possibly understand better the way we can often use the same word in many different ways! I have just been looking at a website http://www.online-utility.org/ which has many online tools for help with learning and writing English. You can, for example, paste a piece of text into a box and it will produce a list of all the uncommon and difficult words in the text, which you can then check with a dictionary (there is quite a good online one on the site).