What is this person trying to do? (CAREFUL Dont click on the links)

March 23, 2008 6:53am CST
this has now happened to me for the 4th time!! a person comes to my blog and keep posting a message like this.... "See here or here" the "here" or "here above had hyperlinks to the following sites WARNING! I dont want you to click on the below links if you dont know what you are doing, Infact if you not a computer expert please dont click on that at all 1'st "here" had http://xp-protect-2008.com/ and the 2nd "here" had http://my-692-flash-633-2008.blogspot.com/ as respective hyperlinks When I clicked on those links i opened some alert message and suddenly i closed all the windows. No damage happened to my computer, but as a preclusion i changed all my important passwords. If any one knows why this person keep doing like this please let me know.
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@Deloric (58)
• United States
27 Mar 08
This is not a real virus scan that site is doing. No online application can start automatically like that in so short a time, Plus that "dialog box" with the viruses it says it has detected is not a real dialog box. It is also pretty simple for him to obtain an IP address once you navigate to that site. Yes, it is never good to let any site you do not know and trust install anything on your computer.