my brother-in-law is a drug addict...

March 23, 2008 12:22pm CST
recently my mom had to sue my brother-in-law because he stole her jewelries. He's a drug addict but my sister don't want to leave him, and she doesn't believe my mom and my brother who saw the evidence that he really stole it. now my sister is mad at my mom and brother. Why can't she believe us???
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@gemini_rose (16264)
23 Mar 08
She wont believe you until she is ready to see it herself. They always just see the good in them and refuse to see what is right under their noses. I know someone who has been with a heroin addict for about 6 years or more, he is no good, no good for her or her kids, he has dragged her down to his level. She has been kicked out of her rented homes twice because of him, fallen out with her family because they can see he is no good for her but she just thinks that they are interfering. He has stolen jewellery from her and sold it, and recently stole her daughters jewellery and sold that too. She is now finally after all these years seeing the truth, that he will never change and she has finally booted him out. I know it is hard, but if you do not want to drive her away you have to let her get on with it and see for herself that he is no good. By all means do not have him in your houses or if he does make it clear that he has to stay where he can be seen, but to keep your sister in the family you have to just tolerate him, trust me one day she will see him for what he really is, she will see that you were right all along.
• Philippines
23 Mar 08
uhmm.. actually, he already knows that he's an addict but still he cant leave him.. and now this,. but thank you..
• United States
23 Mar 08
Well she loves him, you kinda got to turn it around and look at it even though I know thats hard, she loves him and doesnt want to believe that he would do something so horrible. But he needs to go to treatment and she needs to attend al anon so she can have support herself. I'm sorry your family is going through a tough time, just remeber this too shall pass.