Crosses on the Side of the Road

@roberten (3131)
United States
March 23, 2008 4:03pm CST
Have you or anyone you know posted a cross at the site of a fatal accident site alone a highway? I see them all the time and always wonder who died and who put the cross there. Does anyone know how this custom got started? Is it an "only-christian" tradition?
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@Darkwing (21586)
23 Mar 08
I live near an accident blackspot. I think the initial white cross, on the road, is put there by the police, but families often put wooden crosses and flowers at the site of an accident, and continue to do so each year, on the anniversary of the loss of a loved one. Brightest Blessings.
@roberten (3131)
• United States
24 Mar 08
How difficult it must be for whomever marks the site of such sadness. I cannot imagine the emotions evoked by passing that spot time after time when the loved one is your own; my heart goes out to those who endure this. Your input is appreciated, sharing experiences help us to more fully understand the message being conveyed.