can blood donation help human being

March 24, 2008 8:00am CST
Friends, Yesterday we had blood donation camp in a club near my home with the help of Blood Bank. I had donated blood. About 53 persons donated blood in the camp. We will be given an card, the card is valid till 6 months. In this 6 months we can help anyone who is in need of blood by giving the card. And in regular interval evey club try to organize Blood donation camp with the help of Blood Bank. But is it right to do so ? I think Blood Bank are the gainer ones in any means. I think we should help needy persons by giving bed to bed. I have had suitation in which I didn't get blood of AB+, I had to search the persons having the group, but the baby died in its 3rd months. Its always question to me. Help me friends for my answer
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