Why can people in USA drive when they are 16 and not drink until they are 21?

March 24, 2008 2:19pm CST
People have been arguing the problem that you are able to drive in the United States when you are 16 but not drink when you are 21. Drinking is a major problem but most people when they drink they also drive, then once you are 21 many people drink and the drive and kill themselfs. Having 16 years old driving a car is only a temptation to drink since when you are 16 you are able to go to parties where of course there is alcohol and many people do get drunk and then drive back home. This is a problem since many young people are asking to be able to drink once they are 16 also. I don`t really understand why don`t they let them drink and drive when they are 18. It`s actually there responsability if they have a accident because they had been drinking and driving. What do you think should they change the law to 18 years old for both? Should they maintain the same law?
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• India
24 Mar 08
I think you are correct.They should change the law for both to 18 years,because at 18 we are old enough to take hold of our responsibilities. But i think friend it is only a dream,if they allow these all there would be more accident due to drinking and else because at age 18,according to me we are so much tempted that.really but after drinking,the matter as we think we can handle is not so easy to be handled.