Death Note and Code Geass

@jeseravi (338)
March 24, 2008 2:44pm CST
so, Death note and Code Geass are my 2 favorite anime shows ever. They are just about the same in every way, so if you've seen them you'll know that they both consist of god like powers, and deception. Stuff like that.... My question, is if anyone has seen another anime similar to Codo Giasu (code geass) or Death Note. I'm currently needing something to watch while I wait for season two lol.
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• United States
12 Oct 08
I've had the same question. I love both shows, and I love the plot--the whole high-school-genius-with-super-powers-versus-the-world thing--and I'm looking for something similar. I think "Monster" might be what you're looking for. I've yet to see most of it myself though.
@Arkadus (899)
• Canada
31 Mar 08
Try Darker Than Black. The story lines are kind of on a per episode but the overall theme is the same. Just on a bit of a wider scale. Whole bunch of people with powers but it still mostly fits in. Of course they do some lighter episodes as well. But then so did Code Geass. I suppose deceptions not as big of a factor in Darker than Black but it is kind of still involved.
@Ratang (2)
24 Mar 08
I've never seen any anime that's quite like either of those lol. I'll look though