Broadband phone company offers FREE member2member calls!

@TheNack (140)
South Africa
October 31, 2006 7:43am CST
Hi, are u living in the US? Well I recently heard of a brand new broadband phone company that will be starting up shortly in the US. What makes this company different is that they offer FREE calls from members to members. But what is even better, they pay you to refer friends. So if you refer your friends, you get paid for refering them, and once they joined, you can talk for free. (referal bonus is $0.5 and it works 5layers deep) I think its a pretty cool idea, they normal rates are good as well so why don't you give them a try? So this is a great way to make some cash by joining a real company offering a usefull service. This is definately a win, win situation. So if you are in the US and you would like to know more, please give me your email and I will mail you some detail. I won't put it on a list or share it, I want you to find learn more about this company, and thats it. Keep well Thenack
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