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March 24, 2008 11:19pm CST
2008 is one of the most important year to China and all Chinese.We wait for Olympics many years.But now ,there are some uncomfortable things happen.Some country repel China .I can't understand . All the Chinene love peace,they are very kind and goodness. I think Olympics can't connect with political.China has its particular situation .it need development.Our government do their best to let people live better,and doesn't menace any country.We need a chance to show friends coming from all the world the genuine China.,the Olympics is a very good chance.Welcome all the people come to BeiJing,i think you would not be disappointed to your choose.
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@lexus54 (3576)
• Singapore
25 Mar 08
The Olympics is such a major world sporting event that every country in the world that can organize such an event will want to hold it. There is so much glamor, pride and reputation an Olympic host country can achieve, besides the substantial economic windfall that can be reaped during and after the games. I for one am glad to see the Olympics hosted in East Asia. I think besides China, the only other countries in East Asia that are capable of hosting this mammoth event are Japan and Korea. Unfortunately, given its glamor, troublemakers also use this event to stir up trouble because they know that all eyes are focused on China in 2008. China as the host country can be very vulnerable to these problems created. For a start, pro-democracy elements in Taiwan and Tibet can up their ante with China on calling for independence and autonomy. These have already happened, and I don't think we will see the end of these. Then there is the on-going terrorist threat, which will become very real when the event comes around in August. Any terrorist attack during the games can jeopardize the event. The risks are very high indeed for any host country, not just China. Also China has their internal problems related to poor air pollution and traffic congestion. I believe the Chinese government realizes these and will take necessary steps to control these in the months leading to the games. But already, the poor reputation of unclean air is giving the host problems, as some athletes have threatened to boycott their events, citing health reasons. So while the Olympics is a fantastic opportunity for China to welcome the world's athletes, officials and spectators to her shores and extend her hand of hospitality and friendship to them, she also has to tackle the many possible problems that can arise from staging these games. I certainly hope these problems will not diminish the significance and grandeur of the games, and that come August 2008, we will have the pleasure of watching the much-awaited Olympics 2008 either "live" in China or on our television screens.
@lonewolfnan (4367)
• Canada
25 Mar 08
China is trying to come into the 21st century but has some baggage to drop(or for other countrys to finally let go).I am looking forward to the Olympics as it gives the Chinese a chance to shine on the grandest international stage.But,allas,people want to mix the Games with politics.Now we hear of governments making demands of the country with threats of reprisals involving the Olympic Games. If the world can't put its differences aside for an athletic event occurring 1 every 2 years(now that the Summer and Winter are not held in the same year),what are we going to do as a planet when for whatever reason we face something of global impact? Bye the way....welcome to MyLot;the program that DOES pay its members.
• China
22 Apr 08
The Olympic Games of 2008 is really the hotspot of the century. Many people want to go to see the sports themselves, and many TV programs attract audiences by giving tickets of Olympic games of Beijing. Meanwhile, a lot of countries in western world want to disarrange the order of the Games of 2008. Now, Olympic Games is coming. The whole people of the world, Let's love it and enjoy it.
@justmay (67)
• China
8 Apr 08
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@Emma_Wang (210)
• China
4 Apr 08
i am a chines,and i thought olymipics games is very important for our chinese,we will do the best we can.
@whyshell (21)
• China
25 Mar 08
beautysally,i'm chinese. i suppot the olympics in china hosting, but i don't think something you point is right, china government and the whole china situation,our people is not good, you know nothing about our society of being worse because of the block by government. more secrts we r in stupid thoughts and lies in our country.