Has anyone tried unsing a Neti pot for sinus and allergies?

Guy using a neti pot - looks like fun
March 25, 2008 3:53am CST
I saw this on Oprah. It's a simple pot that looks much like a gravy jug that you basically fill with salty water and pour into your nose. It irrigates the nasal passage and is supposed to soothe dry nasal passages, wash away dust, pollen, mucus and other irritants, remove any allergens and clean the nasal system, improve breathing and flow of oxygen. I suffer from allergies and my nose is always blocked. It really annoys me and affects my sleep at night. I have never tried this but it certainly looks effective. I don't have a neti pot so I'm going to go searching around my house for something that will compensate. This reminds me of when in the past i've had really bad allergies (most probably after cuddling a cat, which I'm highly allergic to) and I've felt so stuffed up and couldn't stop sneezing that I've gone and snorted water up my nose to try to clear it out. It actually works for me! I think using warm, salty water would definitely have some benefit. Do you use a neti pot? Have you ever used one? Would you consider using this technique?
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