How to make friends in Orkut.

March 25, 2008 12:14pm CST
Hi there Anybody know how can i do friendhip with unknown friends because when i add unknown friends then they ask (did i know you) or (who are you). Someone say i did not do friendship with unknown :( So please give me your advice to make friens in orkut.
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26 Mar 08
hi,it's good that u want to make friendship this shows that u r of friendly nature bt u should b careful of it.people feel insecure with stranges so they refuse ur proposal so u should nt add them in ur friend list to whom u don't know.
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6 Oct 10
i think you are very sweet!
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1 Apr 08
see i dont know what others do regarding making friends on orkkut..but what i do is i searched for communities where i can hang on for hours to get some fruitful information...and their i meet many friends