@OBIOHA (105)
August 17, 2006 9:38am CST
Why is it that because of the love of money,many fake pastors abound all over the world?
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• Nigeria
17 Aug 06
Thank God you called them FAKE.One thing i believe is as long as there are TRUE Pastors the devil is going to cook up fakes so that more people can be deceived. Any way it's actually an attack against the church by the devil to make people believe true Christanity is not Real and make people shy away from it.
• United States
17 Aug 06
As long as there is a school and a certificate it will be done. there scum and I hate them. It makes it so hard to worship in a congregation.
@Origin (39)
• South Africa
17 Aug 06
ya you are right why do they let them the worst i heard was the Pastors who abuse young children.No offence but it is mostly practiced by this evil Chatholic Pastors during the ceremonys they have with these young children.Abuse of minors is just purely wrong full stop.
• Australia
17 Aug 06
Gee... i always ask myself....Why does God let them be... ???? i dont know... ??