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March 25, 2008 3:49pm CST
Hello there Just thought i'd come here to let you know about a great social networking site that pays you for page views. I'm sure there are quite a few people here that are members already but I want to urge those of you that haven't joined to sign up and give it a go. I'm not gonna say i've become rich from this site, i'm still working on it by every month i'm starting to earn more. You are paid through page views so the more the better, the more friends you have or the more you use it = more page views = higher earnings. Page views count for other members looking at your page, your blogs, your photos, leaving you comments, sending you messages, and also for you doing the same for other members. You get extra bonuses for referring people, there page views count as your own without them losing anything. On top of that it's also a fun site with lot's to offer, you have blogs, videos, clubs, photos, all the stuff you get ona range of networking sites that i'm sure you'll be a member of. Sign up, send me a message and i'll give you any tips or adivce you want, if you know other people that might want to join invite them through your own referral link, then we can start building up your page views!
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25 Mar 08
how often do they pay and how much have you earned?