I hate Mondays, and you?

March 25, 2008 9:15pm CST
A five-day workweek makes me so tired, altho the job is very easy for me. It's only for the salary nothing else. Every Sat. i gets up till eleven in the morning then have a wash. Sometimes drove to the sea with my wife for fishing. I like the wind from the sea with the scent of the sea. It makes me very relaxing... Sunday always goes fast. TV, Internet, games, shopping... How about you, my friends?
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• Philippines
26 Mar 08
Yes, before, but I stopped hating Mondays I have accepted the fact that the day will happen, like it or not. I enjoy my job you know, but true enough that it makes me so tired, I only have a physical body and aside from that, when I get home I have some other things to do for my family (not yet married, you know the sort of being a responsible daughter to my parents LOL) Yes, weekends goes so fast- I use it to catch up on the things I miss doing the most and to see places and faces I long to see. Been trying to manage my saturdays and sundays for myself- to do the things I want to do and sometimes to just relax and reflect about ME. There are weekends that I spend time for my family and some weekends to spend some time with my close friends. Come monday, I'll be minding my job again.
• China
26 Mar 08
Thanks for your response, my_january Yes, you're right, like it or not, it will still happen. Try t accept the fact if I could not make any changing. come on and Develope a positive outlook towards things.
@Ravenladyj (22919)
• United States
7 Apr 08
When I was still working I hated mondays...but now that I'm retired I dont mind them..in fact now that my kids are in school I actually love mondays LOL
@bimal10p (1220)
• India
5 Apr 08
i hate my mondays these days..my mondays are always gonna b bad for the coming 6 months until and unless its a public holiday or there is a change in my time tables...because on monday we have the first 2 periods electrical lab..then we have all theory classes..which are too tiering...
• China
27 Mar 08
i like the job thta i take in and also enjoy the atmosphere of my office. so i very like mondays.