prince of persia character

March 26, 2008 4:23am CST
I like the prince of persia warrior within character the most. I like sands of time's prince but two throne is worse. What do you think?
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@samjit7 (42)
• India
30 Sep 09
Prince of persia:warrior within is the best in the series if you take the story,characters,the requirements to play the game into account.
@jombbi (104)
• India
31 Aug 09
well graphics, gameplay and design wise warrior within was the best of three but as per difficulty wise sand of time was much ahead. two thrones is ok.
• Pakistan
12 Aug 09
I like Prince Of Persia game ... sands of time is also good
@lihongyi (124)
• China
24 Jan 09
In the prince of persia 2,the prince is the coolest one.
• India
8 Nov 08
i like all pop series they are good but the best one is warrior within
@tx_666 (191)
• India
6 Jun 08
What do you mean by the character in looking or according to story ?
@9Mace9 (15)
• South Africa
11 Apr 08
I like the sands of time character the best =P. love the sand dagger.