Do you still write letters on letter papers?

@cici6880 (656)
March 26, 2008 8:50am CST
Since I have an E-mail I seldom write letters on letter pads because use E-mail is more convenient and faster.But yesterday I received a letter from my boyfriend and suddenly I feel happy and warm.Though we talk on the phone everyday then I think sometimes a letter can express more feelings that cant be showed on the phone. It will be a good idea to write a traditional letter to an important person sometimes .What do you think?
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@leeapollo (611)
• China
26 Mar 08
I don't write letters for many year.I seldom use E-mail too. what i prefer is telephone or cell phone.I call my friends directly and have a nice talk.I like to hear my friends' voice.It sound nice and comfortable.and I think traditional letters and e-mails are too inconvenient.don't you thnk so?
• Philippines
26 Mar 08
I seldome write snail mails anymore, but I do prefer it over E-Mails. When it comes to birthdays, I always try to send a personalized card so it's more heartfelt and sincere.
• Singapore
26 Mar 08
email rules and since the international caling cards are getting more and more affordable, the pen and paper method of letter writing has been long forgotten by me.
@wickedangel (1636)
• Dominican Republic
26 Mar 08
There is nothing so wonderful as receiving a letter in paper format! I think it is because you know that the person has sat down and actually had to think about you and things they want to say, instead of just being at the computer and just quickly writing a little something inbetween doing something else. A phone call is also wonderful and makes your heart sing. The first 6 yrs of my relationship with my BF was long distance. It was very hard but we did it and so I do understand what it is like to receive a letter. Send him one back - he will feel as delighted as you did when you received yours. Good old fashioned stuff is still wonderful...:)
26 Mar 08
I absolutly adore getting letters through the post and still occasionally write some too, altho i admit the convienince of email has stopped me writing as much as i used to. My partner was in the army and when he was posted to different countries i used to wait for the postman to arrive and sit and read his letters over and over, just the fact that he had held the paper and written the words himself made it all the more personal to me, i enjoyed sitting and writing back to him each night and also love buying fancy stationary and doing little doodle on the paper for him. it was a special time in our relationship where things meant more to us both and to still have the letter and look back at them with fondness is something an email can never replace.
@babykeka80 (2089)
• United States
26 Mar 08
I havent wrote a letter in years. I think in the fast paced world we live in its just quicker to type and email comes to you so much faster that people just never really write letters anymore. I agree it can have more meaning but between cell phones, which offer usually free long distance, and email the world has just changed so dramatically.