should vraigs list be responsible or the people involved

United States
March 26, 2008 9:34am CST
i was on my way to work yesterday and they were talking and they starting talking about a thing on craigs list that had happened and how craigs list is in trouble fro it. someone had put an ad in saying have to move everything free for the taking and gave the address and phone number. well this guy leaves his house and some how he found out that people were taking his stuff so he rushed home. his house was full of people taking things and when he tried to stop them they all showed him a piece of paper that had the ad and basically they all said that they could take things. he tried to stop them and called the cops. by the time the cops got there everything was gone. i mean frig, stove, clothes, everything. the cops are saying cragis list is in trouble for it. and they put out an ad and public broadcast that anyone that took anything needs to return it or face charges along with craigs ads. like anyone will return anything. but who should really be at fault here. how can it be craigs list fault? i mean if someone puts an ad in the paper how can it be that the paper is at fault if you were not the one who put it in and something happens. i dont think this is right i feel for the guy but who is at fault. personally i think the one who placed the ad.
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